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LeanKit Application Programming Interface (API) Overview

LeanKit's Application API v1 is deprecated. New integration projects should use our v2 API suite found here:

Application API

The Application API is essentially the engine behind the LeanKit web application. This means that if you can see it in the app, you can control it via the Application API. The Application API is best suited for automating behaviors. For instance, you might have a ticket come in via one of your other applications, and by integrating this system with our Application API, you can implement an automation so that when tickets come through, cards are created to represent them on the appropriate board.

Learn more about the Application API here.

Reporting API

The Reporting API is great for extracting data for business intelligence purposes. Data can be exported in CSV, TAB, and JSON format. The Reporting API supports a variety of datasets from LeanKit such as:

  • Cards
  • Current User Assignments
  • Current lanes
  • Tags
  • Card lane history
  • Historical user assignments
  • Custom fields

The Reporting API allows a user to access all of the above datasets across all boards that that user has access to. These datasets can then be used for reporting, data warehousing, or ingested into a data lake.

Learn more about the Reporting API here.

User Provisioning API

The User Provisioning API helps with large-scale user management. It can be used to link users via your existing identity management systems to your LeanKit account, making it easy to add new users and/or deactivate users when necessary, in an automated fashion. It can also be used to automatically deallocate unused licenses.

There are two types of User Provisioning API:

  • SCIM mode (Standard for Cross-Domain Identity Management) - can connect with your identity management system so it can flow users from your system into LeanKit.
  • API mode - more customizable, but requires coding.

Learn more about the User Provisioning API here.