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How do I Learn LeanKit?

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Learning LeanKit Overview

Do you know about all of the educational material that LeanKit has to offer? We not only have a wealth of help center articles and blog posts, but we also provide how-to videos and webinars, training tutorials, and in-app walkthroughs.

Sometimes having so much available information can seem daunting, and occasionally it’s hard to know where to start and how to continue. But in reality, it all depends on how you want to learn the material. Different people absorb knowledge in different ways.

Basically, we offer three types of learning material: written, visual, and interactive. If you learn best by reading a help article on a topic, focus on written content. If you learn best by watching a video demonstration on something, then visual learning is best for you. If you pick up concepts best by practicing them yourself or practicing in multiple ways, you’ll do best with interactive training.

Use the breakdown below to navigate to the different sections of this article and discover where you can find the learning material that works best for you!

Written Learning Material

The Customer Success Center

Our Success Center is a great place to dive into written product information. We have articles on everything from the basics like adding the first card to a board to more advanced topics like how to conduct board reviews.

If you’re new to LeanKit and starting out on your written-learning journey, we recommend starting with the Getting Started Lessons. These will take you through beginner-level reading material in a simple, numbered lesson progression.

Beginners can also check out our LeanKit Glossary, to get familiar with common product terms, and our Getting Started FAQs for commonly asked, getting-started questions.

If you’re looking for more specific product information or advanced topics, try diving straight into one of the topical sections!

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The Learning Center  

The Learning Center is your one-stop shop for methodological information. Here you’ll find resources for learning Kanban, Lean, Agile and more! It features not only helpful articles, but also recommended eBooks.

The page also links out to the Success Center so that if product-centered questions come up as you dive deeper into your chosen methodology, you can jump right over and see how LeanKit works to support your workflow.

If you’re just getting started with Kanban, we recommend first taking a look at The Kanban Roadmap: How to Get Started in 5 Easy Steps. You can even download the free PDF for easy reading!

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The LeanKit Blog

The LeanKit Blog combines methodological learning and storytelling with product-centered information to bring you helpful, personal articles on topics from Navigating Integrations to Kanban Board Examples. You can search for blog topics that you’re interested in, or just dive straight into the latest posts.

Check our blog on a regular basis for the latest features, new stories, and board examples!

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Visual Material

The LeanKit Video Library

The LeanKit Video Library is your portal to visual learning! We have short and simple product videos on everything from adding cards to user administration. We also have longer, more in-depth video content and webinars for those looking to dive deeper.

For those just getting started in LeanKit, we recommend that you first start with our Getting Started Collection. This contains all the videos from the Getting Started Lessons in the Success Center, along with brief descriptions.

For those looking to dive deeper, check out our In-Depth with LeanKit section. This section contains longer videos and videos on more advanced product and methodology topics.

You can find all other video categories in LeanKit Video Library at any time.

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Interactive Material

Training Modules

Our Training Modules are great if you’re looking to easily interact with both visual and written material in a single hub and test your new knowledge as you go. Each Training Module walks you through each step of learning the material, offering helpful articles, videos, and walkthrough advice to aid in your learning as you go.

When you complete a module, you can take a short quiz to test your knowledge, and if you pass the quiz you’ll get a certificate of completion, showing you really know your stuff.

If you’re new to LeanKit, we recommend starting with the Interacting with Your Board Training Module. This module will explain why and how to use a Kanban board and walk you through basic board interactions to get you started in your account!

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In-App Walkthroughs

If you want to learn how to do something directly from inside LeanKit, look no further than the in-app Knowledge Center. By clicking the small LeanKit icon in the lower, right-hand corner of your board or home screen, you can access information like new feature updates and help guides, along with these interactive walkthroughs.

knowledge center.png

By selecting the How-to Walkthroughs tab in the Knowledge Center, you can choose from a number of walkthroughs that will lead you step-by-step through how to use various product features directly inside the app.

If you’re new to LeanKit, we recommend starting with the Welcome to LeanKit walkthrough from your LeanKit home screen, as shown below.

knowledge center 2.png

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