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Planview Customer Success Center


Planview IdeaPlace has a LiveChat feature. Administrators can chat with our support and customer success team directly from IdeaPlace.

Look for the Chat Icon in the bottom right corner.


Fig 1 - LiveChat option on a Challenge page

Customer Success members are available to answer program and how-to related questions between 12 PM and 4 PM CST. Customer Care members are available to answer break/fix questions between 6 AM to 4 PM CST. Simply choose the department (Program or Support) and type your message. For any “How do I do it?” or best practice questions, please select Program and you’ll be channeled to a Technical Account Manager (TAM). 

Fill out your name, e-mail, department you’d like to chat with, and a brief description of your inquiry. Select I agree to terms of service and click Start the chat.


Fig 2 - Fill out user information


An agent will be with you shortly.


Fig 3 - Next screen shows your place in the queue


Select Send Transcript if you’d like to receive an email of the chat transcript.


Fig 4 - Select Transcript option

You can rate the chat when done and leave comments, as before. Attachments can also be added.

livechat rating shot (1).png

Fig 5 - How to give a Thumbs Up or Down rating while you're in the chat


livechat comment shot (1).png

Fig 6 - How to leave a comment after you give a chat rating while you're in the chat



Fig 7 - Confirmation for closing the chat


livechat close out chat message (1).png

Fig 8 - How to give a rating after you close the chat




Please remember to close the chat window when done, so we can move to the next customer.

To ensure that the LiveChat feature performs optimally, you will also want to whitelist the following domains:



If you have a question on a possible technical issue, please use the Support Department and you’ll be routed to the Support team.