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Planview Customer Success Center

IdeaPlace Security Documents

Planview IdeaPlace is an idea management solution that enables industry leaders to tap into the collective intelligence of employees, partners, and customers to find the best ideas and make the right decisions..

The IdeaPlace solution does not process or store sensitive personally identifiable information (PII), financial data, financial transaction data, or personal health information (PHI).

Refer to the documents below for information about how the IdeaPlace solution ensures that the data it contains is secure, confidential, and available:

Note: If you and/or your customer require a meeting with Planview security, please contact with a description of your requirements, an agenda of what you and your customer need to discuss, and with some proposed meeting times. Once the team has the information/agenda required and a meeting time has been agreed upon, create a calendar invite to reserve a spot on the designated point of contact's calendar.