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Planview IdeaPlace Benchmarks

Planview IdeaPlace Benchmarks are available in your instance by selecting the Program Benchmarks Dashboard from within the Insights portal, or the Insights page within IdeaPlace (Administration > Dashboard > Insights). These benchmarks enable IdeaPlace Customers better understand how they compare to others in similar or alternative industries. For more information, have a chat with your Customer Success representative today.


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Why benchmark ideation? One of the most common questions we get from customers is, "how is my program performance compared to other IdeaPlace clients, or others in my industry?" Benchmarking enables organizations to set standards for performance and better understand the predictors of success in innovation. With IdeaPlace benchmarks, you can see how your ideation program stacks up against your peers, as well as industry leaders. You will also have visibility into areas for improvement. These new benchmarks can help you take a more proactive approach to creating innovative cultures.

How are IdeaPlace benchmarks calculated? IdeaPlace benchmarks are calculated from a rolling two-year period of data, where each year is benchmarked separately, then the average of those two years is taken as the final benchmark. Benchmarks are recalculated every six months.

What are the criteria for inclusion in IdeaPlace benchmarks? To qualify for inclusion in this benchmarking study, organizations need to have been IdeaPlace  ustomers for at least one year prior to the data collection year. This criteria ensures we only benchmark with customers further along the innovation maturity curve. To ensure a representative sample, industry-specific benchmarks are only published when a minimum of five customers exist for that particular industry. When an industry does not meet this criterion, benchmarks from the related organizations are still included in the overall global benchmark calculation. If fewer than five organizations within an industry have used the functionality we are benchmarking, such as voting or challenge creation, the related benchmark is not included in that industry breakdown.

Data Privacy: Planview IdeaPlace taunchly protects our customers' privacy and confidentiality. Benchmarks are based upon IdeaPlace metadata analyzed by IdeaPlace  employees, contractually bound to confidentiality. No personal data or content, or customer-specific information is disclosed.