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What's New in Planview Enterprise One release 18

Planview Enterprise One™ release 18 sets the necessary groundwork for customers to access the latest future enhancements, features, security, and fixes by introducing a new software update process performed within an automated deployment model. After release 18, all subsequent updates will be issued and applied in smaller increments and delivered in an opt-in monthly cadence.

As organizations look to increase speed and flexibility, more PMOs are shifting from traditional to lean portfolio management practices. Release 18 offers a new real-time event-based integration with Planview LeanKit™ for work, features, epics, and programs, reporting, and automated agile costing to make it easier to rearchitect planning and funding processes to be more incremental and continuous. Combining Planview’s expertise in portfolio management, financial management, as well as lean and agile practices, the release introduces a Kanban-enabled approach to automating the capture of Agile team costs. Finance, development, and PMO leaders can now understand the true impact their Agile teams have to the bottom line and properly categorizing as CAPEX vs. OPEX.

Release 18 also includes investments to improve usability for all customers. New configured screens functionality will modernize and improve the user experience for team members, portfolio managers and administrators. In addition, customers will see noticeable improvements in scalability and performance resulting from the development effort focused on those areas.


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