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Planview Team Member Flex FAQ

Introducing new Team Member flexibility to embrace the shift in ways work gets done!


What is Team Member Flex?

  • Team Member Flex is a new license type for Planview Enterprise One and Planview PPM Pro that allows customers to decide which Team Member experience best fits the way work gets done.
  • Team Member Flex licenses can be Lean-Agile Team Members or Collaborative Work Team Members – with the ability to “switch” team member experiences two times per year:
  • Example: If you have 500 Team Member Plus seats, you can now choose to have 300 Lean-Agile Team Member seats and 200 Collaborative Work Team Member seats (or any combination for a total of 500).  As your transformation initiatives progress, you may “switch” licenses up to 2 times per year.

What is the value of Team Member Flex?

  • Almost all enterprises today are either undergoing an agile transformation initiative or discussing how to be “more agile” to accelerate delivery of work.  With the new Team Member Flex licensing, Planview makes it easy for customers to progress on this journey with Planview’s Work and Resource Management (WRM) platform with both Lean-Agile and Collaborative Work team members by allowing the optimal end user work capabilities based on your timeline and maturity. 

How can my company take advantage of Team Member Flex?

  • If you already have “Plus” seats, you will be automatically upgraded to “Flex” licenses.  You just need to decide how you would like your team member licenses distributed.  Administrators and Portfolio Managers will get both LeanKit and Projectplace access with a new seat type called Portfolio Manager and Administration Power Seats.  
  • New FastTrack services packages (Lean-Agile Teams and Collaborative Teams) ensure you get the most value and streamlined deployment out of your Flex seats!
  • If you are not currently a “Plus” customer and are interested in “Flex” licenses, talk to your account representative and they will be happy to help you.  

Are there any requirements for the Enterprise One Team Member Flex seat?

  • Yes, you need to be a SaaS Enterprise One customer to take advantage of the Flex seat option.

What is the process?

  • Very easy!  Just contact your Planview representative and they will walk you through the process.