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Understand Project Creation with the Projectplace Connector


This article provides information on how using the Projectplace Connector affects the work creation process.

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Organizations that allow projects to be connected with Projectplace workspaces via the Projectplace Connector may see a Sync with Projectplace option in an information screen, column set, or later in the lifecycle. This allows the integration to create a new workspace the next time it runs. Select Yes to create a Projectplace workspace with the same work schedule (WBS) as your new project.

Another frequent option is the ability to select a Projectplace template (Figure 1).

These options, along with other synchronized project settings can also be seen in Work View tabs and column sets (Figure 2). For more information, see Create a Workspace from a Project.


Figure 1: Projectplace Connector options in lifecycle screens


Figure 2: Projectplace Connector options