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Access and View Capacity Financial Planning


This article explains how to view and access Capacity Financial Planning.

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This article applies to Planview Enterprise 14. 

Keystroke Steps 


The second step of configuring Investment Planning is to update the features on the user roles for the people who will actually use Investment Planning or the Investment Planning Manager, as well as people who will help set up data in the appropriate financial plans or change the status of investments in preparation for planning.

  1. From the menu bar, navigate to Administration > Users and Roles > User Roles.
  2. Select the user role for someone who will need to use Investment Planning or may be asked to assist with data setup.
  3. Select the Update button.
  4. In the Strategic Management section, check the boxes as needed (Figure 1).
  5. Select Save.

To use the Investment Planning Manager, resources will need the feature Use Investment Planning on their roles.

To update financial data, resources will need Edit Strat. Financial Plans, Edit Work Financial Plans, Edit Cost Center Financial Plans, or Edit Product Financial Plans.

To update the investment decisions and modify attributes, resources will need Modify Strategic Attributes, Modify Project Attributes, Modify Outcome Attributes, and Make Investment Decisions.

Figure 1: Update Role Attributes