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Fill Requirements Addressed to the Resource Manager


This article describes how to fill requirements from the Organizational Resources view in Resource Management and Assignments. 

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You are viewing content for Planview® Enterprise One release – Portfolio and Resource Management.

Keystroke Steps


Requirements can be filled from two views:

  • The Organizational Resources view from the Resource Management and Assignments screen

  • The Requirements to Fill Tile (discussed later in this training).

The Addressed To option for requirements displays requirements addressed specifically to the owner of the current resource portfolio selected. For each organizational resource type, these requirements appear before the list of named resources.

  1. Search for a resource portfolio you created > action_menu_15.png  > Resource Management and Assignments.
  2. Select the icon_view.png Organizational Resources.
  3. From the drop-down menu, select Requirements Addressed to.
  4. Requirements that have been addressed to you will display on the first line of each organizational resource type listed (Figure 1).
  5. Select the action menu action_menu_15.png, then Fill Requirement > Search (Figure 2).
  6. In the Fill Requirements screen you can:
  • Review details about the requirement (1).

  • Check the Remarks field for any specific instructions from the project manager (2).

  • Sort the list of available resources by name, availability, or score (3) (Figure 3). The top 200 matches are displayed.


Score is a number from 0 to 100 that indicates how well a resource matches the criteria in the requirement. A perfect match is 100. Availability is the amount of time the resource has available between the requirement’s start and finish dates. Select the Help button and search for Understanding How Resource Scores Are Calculated for detailed information about score calculations.

  • Hover over the resource’s image or name to learn their availability and score (4).
  1. Select a user’s image or name to review the potential assignment in the lower half of the screen. Choose the appropriate radio button to view it as either an allocation or a reserve (5). The user you are reviewing is highlighted.
  2. When you have decided on a resource to fill the requirement, click Save.
  3. If you know who you want to fill an assignment, you can bypass the search and directly fill the requirement with a reserve or allocation. In step 5 above, select Reserve or Allocate.
  4. Select a resource from the list > OK (Figure 5).


You can use the Shift or Ctrl keys to select multiple requirements. When multiple requirements are selected, the Search option is not available.


The schedule displayed in the requirement preview covers only the period of the requirement, not the entire project.


If you filter the display or sort it (for example, to capture all high-priority unaddressed requirements), your settings are remembered.


If you select a portfolio of which you are not the owner, you will see a list of all work assignments of the selected portfolio rather than requirements.


Figure 1: Resource Management and Assignments—Organizational Resources View


Figure 1: Resource Management and Assignments—Organizational Resources View


Figure 2: Fill Requirement Action Menu


Figure 3: Fill Requirement


Figure 4: Sort by Dropdown

Select a resource

Figure 5: Select a Resource