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Power BI - Content Pack for Planview Enterprise

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Delivered through the service, the Planview Enterprise Content Pack allows customs to visualize work/project financial data using an out-of-the-box standardized dataset.

Understanding the Power BI Content Pack for Planview Enterprise

  • The Power BI Content Pack for Planview Enterprise is available through the Power web service and allows customers to view their work (project) financial data
  • The datasource is an out-of-the-box Tabular model (PVE FM_PPM Tabular Model) that must be processed and populated within the customer's Planview Enterprise system
  • When using the content pack, data from the Tabular Model on your Planview Enterprise server is sent securely, across the internet, to the Microsoft Power BI cloud
  • The content pack is an ideal first step for customers interested in utilizing Power BI to explore their Planview Enterprise data. It is available out-of-the-box
  • The data points in the content pack cannot be aligned or adjust to be specific to the customer configuration.
  • The data available includes project names, a small number of "standard" project attributes, time phased financial data, for the forecast and baseline versions, with generic line attribute analysis available