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Power BI - Power BI Consumption Options

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Power BI Products and Licensing

The Power BI offers the following products: 

  • Power BI Service
  • Power BI Desktop
  • Power BI Mobile (App)

These Power BI options can be utilized with specific Planview Enterprise data sources. Refer to the Power BI Datasources topic. In addition, they offer different options for the sharing of Power BI content with other users.

Power BI Service
  • Power BI is available as an internet hosted service, which users can access with a standard web browser
  • Any user with a Microsoft Office365 account has access to the free license and they can connect to, and log in using their Office365 credentials
  • In order for users to be able to share content from their personal workspace they require an additional cost Power BI Pro license
  • Further information on Microsoft's Power BI licensing can be found at
  • Refer to the Power BI Service Security Considerations topic to understand the security and authentication mechanisms employed.
Power BI Desktop
  • Power BI Desktop is the report (content) authoring application and is available as a download from Microsoft and, following installation on a user's computer, allows the creation of personal visualizations locally on the user's computer.
  • Download and install from
  • Power BI dashboards created using Power BI desktop can be shared with other users, either by direct sharing of the file (by email for example) or by publishing of the dashboard to the service and then sharing from there (requires Power BI Pro license
Power BI Mobile
  • In addition to using a browser to access the Power BI service, Microsoft provides the Power BI Mobile App, for iOS, Android and Windows 10 mobile devices
  • This provides a mechanism for users to connect to content on their Power BI Service workspace