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Ad-hoc Analysis

▲ Analytics and Reporting in Planview Enterprise One

Ad-hoc Analysis (formerly known as Insight Analytics) is targeted at users who want to carry out data exploration and analysis using Excel.

Planview Enterprise and Planview Enterprise One - Portfolio and Resource Management data is processed into Tabular Models and users connect to each model using an Add-In for Microsoft Excel and use the pivot table and charting capabilities in Microsoft Excel to analyze the model data.

Planview Enterprise 14, as well as Planview Enterprise One, introduces the ability to use Power BI to consume Ad-Hoc Analysis Tabular Model datasources

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Learn About Ad-hoc Analysis

Click here to learn more about Connecting to the models, visualizing Data and the Deployment Process and watch a video illustrating the ease of use and power of Ad-Hoc Analysis and learn about the models and deployment process.

Understanding Power BI Icon.png Understanding Power BI Icon.png Understanding Power BI Icon.png Understanding Power BI Icon.png
Excel, or Power BI, are the analysis and visualization tools that are used to connect to the Ad-Hoc Analysis cubes and models to develop analytics and outouts. Watch a video showcasing using Excel to against the Ad-Hoc Analysis cubes Ad-Hoc Analysis provides a number of cubes and tabular models that address specific data areas within Planview Enterprise. These out-of-the-box cubes need to be aligned, and potentially extended, to ensure that they contain the data required for analysis and visualization In order for customers to see their configured data points in Ad-Hoc analysis the cubes/models must be aligned, a process carried out by the Planview Consulting Global Reporting Services (GRS) team Ad-Hoc analysis visualizations created using Excel can be shared with other stakeholders




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QuickStart - Ad-hoc Analysis (Insight Analytics): collected links and information to get you started with the ad-hoc analytics creation functionality in Planview Enterprise.