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Planview Enterprise Advanced Administration (formerly Process Architecture)

Course Description

This training provides process architects with the information necessary to understand, build, and modify lifecycles, scripted dialogues, configured screens, custom fields, and structures. 

Course Information

Audience: Planview Enterprise administrators

Objective: At the conclusion of this course, the participants will be able to:

  • Understand Planview Enterprise lifecycles and their elements
  • Create and modify lifecycles and all supporting lifecycle elements
  • Create and modify scripted dialogs, configured screens, alternate structures and fields 

Program level: Intermediate

Delivery method: Open enrollment classroom or virtual classroom

Length: 12 classroom hours

                1 day of preparation for the trainer required if given privately onsite

Cost: $1,600


  • Understanding Planview Enterprise lifecycles and its elements
  • Creating and modifying lifecycles and all supporting lifecycle elements
  • Creating and modifying scripted dialogues, configured screens, alternate structures and fields

Get Ready

Before the class:

 Complete Administrator e-learning enablement path

Have a fundamental understanding of Enterprise Portfolio Management processes and methodology for Strategy and Investment Planning 


Register online here or by clicking on one of the upcoming course dates below

Phone: (512) 498-2474


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