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This enablement path provides training relating to the Administration menu.  |  Total duration time: 2 hr 18.5 min.
# Course Description Duration (Min) Launch
1. Overview - Administration Menu (11.0+) This interactive training video illustrates how to navigate within the Administration Menu from the perspective of a Administrator. 5 Launch Course
2. Administration - Overview of Users and Resources This training video covers an overview of the differences between a user and a resource in Planview Enterprise®. 3 Launch Course
3. Administration - Add a Resource and Configure Attributes This training video covers how to add a resource and configure attributes in Planview Enterprise®.  4.5 Launch Course
4. Administration - Add and Maintain a User This training video demonstrates how to add and maintain a user in Planview Enterprise®. 6 Launch Course
5. Administration - Restrict the Forwarding of Grants (11.2+) This interactive training video instructs administrators on how to restrict the forwarding of grants globally so that users may have R/W or RO access projects, but are restricted from forwarding grant access to other users. 10 Launch Course
6. Administration - Deactivate Users, Part 1 (11.2+) Part 1 of this interactive training video reviews the difference between a User ID and it associated resource, then shows how to finalize a resource's timesheet; delete standard work for a resource; review allocations, reserves, and authorizations for a resource; and reassign lifecycle steps and grants assigned to a user. 10 Launch Course
7. Administration - Deactivate Users, Part 2 (11.2+) Part 2 of this interactive training video shows how to attach relevant content to a user's Associated Resource before archiving it, assign an end date to a user, replace an employee with another resource, move a user's associated resource to an archival area, and delete or deactivate a User ID. 8 Launch Course
8. Administration - Create a Report Tile This training video demonstrates how to create a report tile as an administrator in Planview Enterprise®. 5 Launch Course
9. Administration - Configure Ribbon Defaults (11.0+) This interactive training video covers how to configure Role-Based Default Ribbons from the perspective of a Planview Administrator. 10 Launch Course
10. Administration - Tile Management (11.0+) This interactive training video demonstrates how to configure the Tiles that appear on Ribbons associated with Menus from the perspective of a Planview Administrator. 2 Launch Course
11. Administration - Understanding Basic Rates (11+) In this training video, we give an overview of Basic Rates: Labor Rate Sets, Rate Cards, Rate Lookups, and Rate Profiles. We also discuss The Schedule Rates & Daily Tables Refresh Screen. 10 Launch Course
12. Administration - Administer Basic Rates (11.0+) This interactive training video covers how to add, modify, and delete Labor Rate Sets, Cards, Lookups, and Profiles. It also walks the user through an update of the Schedule Rates and Daily Tables Refresh screen. 9 Launch Course
13. Administration - Schedule Jobs (11.2+) This interactive taining video shows how to schedule jobs by creating and scheduling job streams. Job streams enable administrators to create a batch of jobs to run successively on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis. 9 Launch Course
14. Administration - Custom Fields (11.0+) This interactive training video explains how to navigate custom fields, create custom fields, incorporate a field in a configured screen, modify a custom field, and make a field available as a column. 12 Launch Course
15. Administration - Edit and Add Alternate Structures (11.2+) In this interactive training video, we show Planview administrators how to modify alternate structures, add alternate structures to primary structures, and how to build out an alternate structure. In addition, the Planview administrator will learn whether to edit the definition of a structure or to edit the alternate structure itself. 12 Launch Course
16. Administration - Review Alternate Structures (11.2+) In this interactive training video, we show Planview Administrators how alternate structures can be used to extend the functionality of primary structures. 5 Launch Course
17. Administration - Maintain Admin-defined Column Sets  This interactive training video discusses how to maintain admin-defined column sets. 2 Launch Course
17. Administration - Effective Dates (11.0+) In this interactive training video, we cover how to enable Effective Dates for an attribute, create Effective Dates, review them, and also learn how to delete them. 8 Launch Course
18. Administration - Time Periods (11.0+) This interactive training video describes how to navigate to the Administer Time Periods screen, edit the time period by appending new time periods, and create a new time period set. 5 Launch Course
19. Administration - Mobile Timesheets (11.0+) This interactive training video, from the perspective of a Planview administrator, illustrates how to enable the Global Options for providing users access to the Planview mobile site so they can use their mobile devices to report time and add items to their timesheets. 5 Launch Course