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Strategic Planning


Capability Definition Business Outcomes
  • The ability to categorize strategic investments in a central system, separately from the projects that support their delivery.
  • The definition and management of a plan of strategic investments and programs, based on the strategic mission, goals and objectives of the organization.
  • Planning and approval of investments that are aligned with this plan.
  • Management and tracking of the execution of strategic investments, through associated projects.
  • Distillation of the organizational investment budget into change the organization and run the organization costs, and into initiatives and programs that reflect the organization’s investment hierarchy.
  • Initiate & Plan Initiatives & Programs
  • This capability provides a register of all Programs and initiatives in the organization.
  • The information held in the system about programs will change and evolve as the program moves through the lifecycle.
  • A minimum level of required categorization/descriptive information is enforced.
  • Access to strategic data can be controlled through a security model.
  • Deliver and Track Progress of Programs & Initiatives
  • Monitoring and progressing of the Projects associated with programs - Actuals
  • Maintenance of the schedule and reforecasting of remaining work based on progress
  • Monitoring against schedule and effort baselines
  • Monitoring of the financial forecast of projects associated with programs
  • Monitoring of financials against approved baseline budget
  • Management and control of investment funds based on strategic initiatives, or (more commonly) on an organizational hierarchy basis.
  • Each investment initiative can plan and seek approval on funding and benefit/revenue generation targets and these can be baselined for monitoring and control purposes.
  • Understand how bottom up execution and delivery costs, and status, roll up to balance against the investment program.
  • Alerting of investments where the execution and delivery costs, or timing, are deviating from the agreed baseline.
  • Single version of truth relating to the strategic hierarchy of programs in the organization.
  • There is a single, timely and accurate, organization wide of project status, with all reporting needs being met from this single version of data.
  • Projects are being reforecasted on a regular basis and project managers are providing status updates regularly to feed the portfolio reporting process.
  • Projects that are going off tolerance can be identified early and remedial action taken.

QuickStart - Strategic Planning: collected links and information to get you started using Strategic Planning functionality in Planview Enterprise.