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Resource Utilization


Capability Definition Business Outcomes
  • The ability to plan longer-term, unnamed resource needs for a project.
  • Role based resource demand will be defined in the schedule/plan for each work item/project. Demand is expressed in terms of organizational roles.
  • This demand can be balanced against capacity to determine the ability of the organization to deliver work.
  • Demand created against the project plan is used as the communication mechanism for resource managers to understand the future demand on their teams.
  • Management of a summarized view of organizational capacity which is used as capacity (and cost of capacity) targets in the investment portfolio
  • This capability provides the ability to see whether the organization can meet its current demand based on the current available headcount.
  • The demand for resources to deliver projects and work is being forecasted by project managers and this demand is feeding the staffing and resource management processes.
  • Demand is being forecast according to organizational dimensions such as role and department, such that it can be balanced against the organizational capacity.
  • Resource Managers can proactively identify resourcing issues and collaborate with work and project managers to smooth demand and prevent resource shortages from impacting project timelines.
  • Organizational capacity targets can be calculated and managed and used as the targets for the investment portfolio.
  • Capacity constraints can be identified.
  • Different capacity targets can be used in the modeling of different portfolio scenarios.

QuickStart - Resource Utilization: collected links and information to get you started analyzing resource utilization.