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Resource Assignments


Capability Definition Business Outcomes
  • The ability to assign named resources and the associated demand to projects or discrete tasks within projects.
  • Once work is planned and committed the demand is filled by the assigning of named resources to fill the demand.
  • Assignments can be made at different levels in the project plan.
  • Capability supports a matrix organization where resource managers own the resources and assignment them to projects/work where the project/work manager managers the detailed activities and activity assignments.
  • This capability allows resource managers (or resources themselves) to manage the non-availability of resources, reflecting the true capacity of the organization to deliver work and projects.
  • Demand for resources is being forecast and communicated to resource managers to they can assign resources from their resource pools and achieve effective resource utilization.
  • Over utilized resources can be identified and work moved between resources to ensure effective utilization and prevent the overloading of resources.Accurate information on the non-availability of resources is available to factor into the portfolio capacity planning and resource management processes.

QuickStart - Resource Assignments: collected links and information to get you started creating and editing resource assignments.