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Create a Resource Portfolio


This article describes how to create a resource portfolio.

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 This article applies to Planview Enterprise 11.5.


Resource portfolios provide access to information that users can view, manage, or edit (depending on their grants). Portfolios let users group information based on available attributes. Resource managers will typically include the group of resources they manage in a resource portfolio.

  1. From the menu bar select Resources.
  2. Select Show: +New Resource Portfolio.
  3. Fill in the following fields (Figure 1):
  • Resources—use the Data Picker to select a group of resources or specific resources to include in the portfolio.
  • Name—type a unique name.
  •  Description—type a description.
  • Advanced Options (optional)—select an attribute to further restrict the data included in the portfolio.
  1. Select Save.


From the Resources Menu, in the Action section, select Portfolio Definition to edit a portfolio.

From the Resources Menu, in the Action section, select Delete Portfolio to delete a portfolio. Note that you can only delete portfolios that you created.

New Resource Portfolio

Figure 1: New Resource Portfolio