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Work Type Recommendations


Planview Enterprise offers a number of key concepts and features applicable to work and workforce management, including Work Types.  Work Types can be used to distinguish different categories of requests, and can determine how the work should be managed and which WBS template and lifecycle workflow to use. Most typically, there are 5 major types of work, though organizations can and do add other types (for instance, based on the type of project, e.g., software development, facilities, Six Sigma, Agile, and so on):

  • Strategic Projects
  • Major Projects
  • Other Planned Work
  • Service Work
  • Ongoing Work

Each of these unique types has different workflow processes, appropriate to their respective attributes. Strategic and Major Projects are both addressed from a standard project management perspective, with well-defined formal controls. The primary difference between the two is the level of governing authority that oversees them.  Other Planned Work is best described as smaller, less complex endeavors that do not warrant the same level of rigor as formal projects do.  Service Work is the continuum of customer support provided, often funded and controlled via Service Level Agreements (SLAs), while Ongoing Work (sometimes referred to as "Keep the Lights On") represents the continuum of internal programs and processes that must be accomplished to maintain the general viability of the corporate  infrastructure.

This best practice offers recommendations for each work type, in terms of suggested thresholds, processes, controls, and more.

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