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Tracking Non-Project Work via Standard Activities and Annual Bucket Projects


For a complete picture of resource capacity and demand, it is vital to have visibility over all the demand that is competing for your resources’ time. Time spent on projects is generally only part of the picture, and often a smaller part than most organizations realize. Resources working on projects are also sidetracked with administrative work, meetings, general emails, emergency “quick fixes” (which often don’t turn out to be so quick), customer calls, and more.

Generally, administration and business as usual work alone can take around 30 percent of someone’s time, and that doesn’t include other work-related interruptions, support work, and time off.

Many organizations struggle with how to best track the full scope of a resource’s efforts, especially when it comes to non-project work. In Planview Enterprise, there are two ways to track non-project time: standard activities, and annual bucket projects. This best practice offers advice and considerations for when to use each.

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