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The Value of PPM Software for Product Development Organizations



Too often, product organizations define their strategy for innovation without the context of the overall product portfolio. Executives say yes to too many projects without considering the availability of their resources. As a result, teams are overcommitted, products are late to market, and revenue targets miss the mark.

Project Portfolio Management (PPM) software can help, and especially a product such as Planview Enterprise, which ties execution to outcomes and offers robust product portfolio management capabilities, including release management. In assessing the true value that Project Portfolio Management (PPM) software can bring to the table, it is useful to ask the following questions:


  • Does your organization have the information and metrics necessary to kill products with confidence earlier in the commercialization process?
  • How often is your company missing time to market targets?
  • How much does it cost your organization in terms of reduced revenue or loss in market share when you miss target delivery dates?
  • What if you could provide your executives with ability to perform what-if analysis on any desired portfolio metrics in order to increase the product portfolio value?


Indeed, there are four primary areas that PPM software can help with:


  1. Increasing Revenue through Higher Value Portfolios
  2. Improving Time To Market through Process Efficiency
  3. Decreasing Cost through Improved Visibility
  4. Increasing Revenue by Delivering Products On Time


This best practice examines all four areas, offering industry findings and customer ROI examples.


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