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Improving Project Communications


Communication is 90% of a project manager's job, and crucial to optimization of valuable resources. Yet, it is often overlooked or given short-shrift during project execution.

While it is true that an enterprise project portfolio management system can go a long way toward keeping everyone on the same page, no software product can take the place of having a well-thought-out communication plan, or creating an environment where project and resource managers discuss and negotiate the best use of shared resources. Where tools can help is with having a shared set of data (for instance, via up-to-date analytics, shared project status metrics, and an accurate view of resource availability) and with collaboration during shared efforts, such as happens during agile or Kanban-based initiatives.

This best practice offers guidelines on creating and executing an effective communication plan, boosting team interaction, and breaking down silos between project and resource managers. It all starts with a robust set of communication documents including a Project Communication Plan, a Stakeholder Analysis, and a RACI chart. Each serves a different purpose, and each complements one another.

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