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Business Process Alignment


Alignment of IT applications to the business processes they support enables determination of IT's impact on the business. 

Business Process Alignment of the Application Portfolio

By aligning the business processes with the Application Portfolio, you will realize clear benefits in two major categories. The first is visibility. By clearly understanding your application portfolio and the impact it has on the various business processes, any prospective changes to the portfolio (or the standards governing it) can be analyzed and communicated to the various stakeholders before committing to a course of action.

The second is communication. IT organizations are constantly scrutinized for the benefits they are delivering to the enterprise in relation to the expense. This is fundamentally an ongoing business conversation around the significant challenges of managing technology to the betterment of the larger organization. To facilitate this dialog, technology organizations need be able to “translate” what they are doing into terms the IT Stakeholders will understand. By having your application portfolio placed in context with the business processes, you can provide greater visibility to your business partners about the role and impact IT is having on the enterprise.

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