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Clearly State Benefits in the Business Case


A section in the business case where the benefits are clearly stated makes it much easier to re-validate them during the definition and delivery phases of the program. 

Benefit Realization encompasses quantification and measuring business value as a result of the investment in a new or existing process, product or service. This value is usually expressed in tangible, monetary terms, but sometimes the value may be more subjective, such as "customer satisfaction" or "brand recognition." 

The benefits can be categorized by their nature (tangible, intangible), and by the period of measurement (one-time, progressive over time). All combinations of these dimensions are possible.

The business proposals usually define the tangible benefits in the form of “increased revenue” or “cost savings.”  They are linked to financial calculations that define the time span for key milestones such as “break even point.”  Efficiency improvements are also in the category of tangible benefits.

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