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Request Management


Request management is the intake point for all work, and an opportunity to assure that the incoming work is well-defined and categorized, and dispatched to the right area(s) for further analysis and/or delivery. 

The Intake Process

The request intake process generally includes the following areas:

  • Request entry (either by a single or multiple parties, but into a central system)
  • Analysis (brief assessment of the request for completeness)
  • Classification (categorizing by work type and other attributes that help define the work)
  • Prioritization (assigning an initial request priority, which will be used as input later when assessing relative value to all other work)
  • Estimating (brief assessment of a preliminary order-of magnitude estimate)
  • Disposition (determination of whether to accept, defer, or decline the work)
  • Dispatching (routing the work to the groups or teams responsible for fulfilling the request)
  • Backlog Management (establishing methods to measure and track pending work that is sitting in the queue)