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Leveraging Proofs of Concept, Prototypes, Pilots, and Trials


When developing products, there are generally a series of tests prior to a full launch, including Proofs of Concept, Prototypes, Pilots, Market Trials, and in the pharma industry, Clinical Trials and Pilot Studies. Each serves a unique purpose. 

Proof of Concepts and Prototypes

A proof of concept is an early rendering of a method or idea prior to development of an actual product to tangibly demonstrate the idea or concept. The purpose is to prove the product’s viability and appeal. This is generally prior to a full prototype of the product and can be in the form of a preliminary design or mockup, a storyboard, preliminary research, or even a partial unfinished product.

The actual prototype is a non-production-ready model, design, or mockup to further demonstrate the feasibility of a proposed product. A prototype is an example of the product in a primitive form, often by way of cheaper substitute materials, limited design features, and limited engineering detail. The prototype may be fully functional or have limited functionality.

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