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Managing Product Portfolios and Releases


Product portfolios consist of products in various stages of the product development lifecycle. Product portfolios can enable product release management and roadmapping, and tracking of product development stage gates. 

Managing Product Portfolios

Product portfolios are an excellent way to track and manage product development activities, in terms of their progress along the product development lifecycle; tracking of projects undertaken to develop and launch the product; and resolution of resource or project issues that may put the product’s release dates in jeopardy.  They can also aid in tracking each product’s maturity and performance in the marketplace.

Products can be tracked by product line and release. For instance, an apparel manufacturer may track various product lines, such as menswear, juniors, dresses, etc., and then track by release, such as Spring 2010, Fall 2010, etc. A software company may track based on various releases of their software.  

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