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Enter Remaining Estimated Work Effort or Completion


Work estimates need to be updated on a regular basis to ensure that the work manager can accurately manage the schedule and make changes as needed. Marking tasks and activities as they are completed will assist the work manager with schedule management. 


Remaining Estimated Work Effort

The contributor should proactively participate in the work estimation process to provide insight based on prior project experience. This ensures effort estimates are accurate, properly scheduled, and correctly assigned to the most appropriate resource.

By playing an active role in the work estimation process, the contributor will have a good understanding of the scope, effort, and schedule of the work being assigned to them.

Work estimation is not a one-time event.  As work begins, the schedule and the amount of effort to complete each task will be in a constant state of flux.  Original estimates may be revised for a number of reasons, including scope changes, resource availability, and when more in-depth information is learned about the work itself as it progresses.  The accuracy of the estimate will increase with each iteration.

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