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Monitor Work in Progress


Successful project execution requires the routine management of the project. 

Work in Progress

Project progress is measured in terms of when work starts, when it completes and how far along the incomplete work is in the schedule. For accuracy, work must be tracked at the lowest planned level and summarized up through the WBS. There are two ways to track progress: manually entering the start, finish and percent complete, or rolling up information from the individual resource timesheets. The most accurate method of determining progress is to use the timesheet information, where the work start is based on the date time is first logged against the task, the actual finish date is established by the last date time is entered, and percent complete is calculated based on the ratio of actual effort compared to the total effort to complete the work, along with the task duration. This also requires that the users are trained to update the remaining time on their tasks regularly, so it reflects an accurate estimate.

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