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Understand: Interactive Tour of the Financial Planning Detail Screen, Working with New Projects


This article provides an interactive tour of the Financial Planning Detail Screen for working with new projects. 

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This article applies to Planview Enterprise 12 to 14
  1. Search for a new project with no financial data, or add a new project >  > Financial Planning Detail.
  2. The Work Financial Planning Detail screen will open (Figure 1). Key aspects of this screen include:
  • If a new project is added and the financial load has not yet occurred, the financial plan will have standard accounts, but no lines under the accounts and no data.
  1. If not already chosen, select Pivot: Detail, and Category: All Available Account Lines.
  • By default these options are selected the first time you access the Financial Planning Detail page. They allow you to see the accounts even though no lines exist and no financial data has been added to the account.
  • All other options in the Category drop-down list will only show rows based on the type that was selected, and that have financial data or accounts that have lines. This allows you to easily review data once the project is in progress.
  1. Select the Focus Control button to expand the Focus row. Drag the Account box to be the first box on the list if it is not already. Drag the focus bar so it is to the left of all boxes except for Account.
  • If an account is editable, you can see white cells where you can key in data. If an account requires lines, or is not editable because data will be loaded to it, then the cells display as gray.

As you adjust the hierarchy with the category, select the  icon next to the word Description. This will minimize the hierarchy so that you can expand the rows to analyze the data.

  1. To manually add a line under an account, select , then  on the fast track bar.
  • The attributes required for that account are listed.
  • Select Attributes, then select Save to see the line added under the selected accounts.
  • Lines are editable. To add data onto a line, double-click in the white cell for the desired period, then type in the data.
  1. Once you have added a line, if you want to add a similar line (maybe with one attribute different), select  on the existing line.
  • The Line Detail screen will appear with the attributes on the selected line pre-populated. To add a new line that is similar, simply change one or more attributes, then save. For example, from a line for a Consultant DBA, you may want to quickly add a line for a Temp DBA.
  • A new line will be added with the selected attributes.
  1. From the Project level (the first row), select , then  on the fast track bar to add a line.
  • Lines may be added from the Project level, but you will first be prompted to select an account, then a secondary page will appear where you fill out the attributes for the selected account.

Work Financial Planning Detail

Figure 1: Work Financial Planning Detail