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Adding, Modifying, or Deleting Notes

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This article applies to Planview Enterprise 11.5 and greater.

You can make notes to enter comments about work items.

For a list of global options, features, and other prerequisites (including grants) required for the following procedure, see the Project-Management Tasks Prerequisites Matrix.

To add, modify, or delete a work item's notes:

  1. Navigate to the Work and Resource Management screen.
  2. Next to the appropriate work item, click the action menu button and then click Task Information.

    Depending on whether the Task Information screen is currently undocked or docked, either the Task Information screen appears or the system switches the focus to the Task Information tray of the Work and Resource Management screen.

  3. Click the Notes tab.

    Information about the selected item's existing notes is displayed on the tab. For more information on that tab, see the table that follows this procedure.

  4. Repeat the following actions as needed:
  • Add a note. To do so, click New Note and then enter information about the note by editing the appropriate cells on the new row that appears. For more information, see the table that follows this procedure.
  • Modify an existing note by editing the appropriate cells. For more information, see the table that follows this procedure.
  • Delete notes by selecting the appropriate ones, clicking the action menu button and then clicking Delete.

About the Notes Tab

Note: Your user preferences settings determine the format of data displayed in many of the Note tab's columns.




Indicates whether the note you are creating or modifying is the first, second, third, etc. note made about the work item.

The system automatically generates the number displayed in this read-only column.

Note Type

Identifies the note's type (General Note, Weekly Status, or Other).

The default is the note type defined in the alternate structure of the work item. If no default has been defined, the default is General Note.


The default is the date on which the note was entered, but you can enter a different date.

Short Description

Brief description of the note.

Long Description

Additional details about the note.


In Planview Enterprise 13 and 14, you can access additional space in which to type details about the note by double-clicking the relevant Long Description cell and then clicking the undock button. When you finish typing the note's details, click Save.


Initials entered by the user when the note was made.