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Planning, Resource Management and Time Reporting Use Cases

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Use Case Summary

This information covers the seven most commonly adopted scheduling use cases. Much of the content is primarily relevant to those currently involved in the Planview Enterprise implementation process. However, you may find helpful hints for understanding how progressing works in your Planview Enterprise environment here as well. 

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Use Case 4 - if using Financial Management then the Progressing Engine should be executed monthly, after a financial plan version load into the Actual/Forecast version, to ensure that the prior month effort and costs in the financial plan match the planned effort for this prior month that is just ending. First Editable/Loadable periods should then be incremented to lock the prior month from further changes. The Progressing Engine can then be executed to move time now from the first of the prior month to the first of the current month. Progressing Engine should be executed multiple times, moving time now forward one week at a time. For additional information on recommended Month End processes refer to the RPM Operational Administration Processes - Financial Management Process - Capability Map.