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Planview Enterprise 11.0

Created to give you an intuitive, scalable, more actionable way to plan investments, foster innovation, optimize resources, and manage projects – Planview Enterprise® 11 is for everyone across your enterprise: portfolio management experts and those using it for the very first time.

With insight from more than 100 customers participating in Inner Circles during an 18-month design and development process, the new features and functionality incorporate in excess of 1,000 hours of customer feedback and usability testing.

Planview Enterprise 11 can be flexibly tailored to each organization’s maturity level, and every single user’s perspective and needs, to help everyone work:

  • Faster. Benefit from an intuitive user interface with consistent elements across departments and portfolios to increase insights and spur adoption

  • Efficiently. Make decisions faster with new at-a-glance “ribbon” with interactive tiles that provide line-of-sight access to the metrics, notifications, and analytics

  • Productively. Speed decision making with in-memory technology supporting large portfolio data sets to provide insight into investment performance and resource utilization