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About Tiles

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These frequently asked questions cover the tiles on the Planview Enterprise ribbon.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are tiles?

A:  Tiles appear as squares on portfolio or entity ribbons. The tiles contain a descriptive name of a report on data in your portfolio or other entity. There is often a count (such as displaying a 2 in the Overdue Timesheets tile to indicate how many timesheets are overdue). Click on a tile to display the full report of the data, and often some controls to let you refine the report.


Q: How do I get more tiles or change the tiles on my ribbon?

A:  Click the more... tile to display options for adding or deleting tiles. The tiles you see are determined by the administrator.


Q: Can I create my own tiles?

A:  Use the Analyze tile to select parameters for creating your own reports, which will show up as tiles on your ribbon.