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Planview Customer Success Center

Planview Enterprise Fundamentals

Here's where your journey begins! Learn how to get around in Planview Enterprise, and explore fundamental concepts of integrated portfolio management.

This section will guide you toward an understanding of basic navigation in Planview Enterprise, as well as how to use menus, ribbons, and tiles; portfolios; lifecycles; and more.

Also, check out our Glossary of Common Planview Enterprise Terms as well as our Product Demo page, where you can view recorded demos of Planview Enterprise in action. Click glossary icon at the top of any page to access the glossary.

Get the most out of your Success Center experience! In each main topic, start with the overview subtopic and then progress through the other subtopics in that area. On the subtopic pages, focus on the How-To tabs to start with. Then, if you're a Planview PRISMS subscriber, explore the Best Practices and E-learning tabs. The other tabs (Product Help, FAQs, Analytics, etc.) offer additional information for further exploring. Or use the Search bar to search for what you're looking for. Tip: Use quotation marks for an exact match on all words.

Once you've learned the basics, where you go next will depend on your role:

  • Project managers: View the Project and Work Management , where you'll learn about the intake of requests, adding projects, maintaining project schedules, project execution, and more. The Resource Management section has information about assigning resources to your projects. There are also lots of project management document templates, white papers, stakeholder and communication plans, and more in our Resource Center.
  • Resource managers: Visit the Resource Management section to learn how "people" resources are assigned and managed in Planview Enterprise. Learn how resources are set up, how to assign named resources to fill project resource requirements, how to approve resource assignments, and more.
  • Planview resources (anyone who reports time in Planview Enterprise): Once you learn basic navigation in this section, check out the Time Reporting section for information on entering time via your computer or mobile device.
  • PMO Directors (or part of your company's Planview Enterprise implementation team): Learn the basics about Planview Enterprise through the above roles, and also check out our Resource Center, especially our Enablement Resources section, which features content to enable better software adoption, including implementation best practices, communication plans, and executive video scripts.

Teach yourself Planview Enterprise Concepts in the Planview Training Academy.

Time to get started! Explore the topics below: