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Planview Enterprise Administration

Administration of Planview Enterprise is an important ongoing process. Each organization needs to have administrators who are able to do the daily and weekly maintenance necessary to keep the system current and running, and make updates to any structures required by new business processes. Error logs need to be checked after progressing, updates to the Data Mart, and any other batch jobs that occur regularly. While many processes can be automated using job streams, there are still regular tasks that must be done to keep the data that users rely on current and accurate. 

Additionally, there will be changes to the configuration and structure of any organization's instance of Planview Enterprise. Changes to organizations, roles, and structures are inevitable. And of course, there will be upgrades to the software that enable users to have access to the latest innovations and new features. This type of administration is crucial.

Teach yourself Administration in the Planview Training Academy.

Teach yourself Configuring Planview Enterprise in the Planview Training Academy.

Note: For configuration and administration of financial management, see the Financial Management Administration content.