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Allowing Users to View Published Investment Ranking Details

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This article applies to Planview Enterprise 14.

Required Features

Use Investment & Cap. Planning and whichever of the following edit financials feature is specified for the scenario's financial-planning model. Note: If an edit financials feature is also specified for the version the scenario uses, the version's feature is also needed.

  • Strategic entities: Edit Strat. Financial Plans.

  • Projects: Edit Work Financial Plans.

  • Outcomes: Edit Outcome Financial Plans.

Required Global Options

Use Investment and Capacity Planning, which is a Strategic Management option.


Read/write grants to all investment demand entities (strategies, projects, or outcomes) affected by the investment plan.

To help project managers and resource managers assign resources to the highest priority projects first, configure Planview Enterprise to support viewing details about a scenario's investment ranking values. These details include the investment ranking values that exist within the scenario at that time it was last published, the Planning portfolio from which those values were last published, the name of the user who last published the scenario, and the date on which the scenario was last published. Configuring the system to display such information involves publishing the investment ranking values when you publish the shared scenario or another scenario and then adding relevant columns to the appropriate column sets.

Warning: If lifecycles are enabled on your system, you should understand the impact that publishing scenarios has on lifecycles before performing the following procedure.

To allow users to view details of a published scenario's investment ranking values: 

  1. Click the Scenario list on the context bar.
  2. Next to the appropriate scenario, click Action Menu on Timesheet and WRM.png and then click Publish.

  3. Depending on whether the scenario you are publishing is the shared scenario, take the appropriate action:

  • If the selected scenario is the shared scenario, click Yes.

    The definitions of the relevant demand entities are updated with the scenario's investment ranking, approval status, and priority values. The system supports making the published data available to all users who can access those demand entities.

  • If the selected scenario is not the shared scenario, click Both the Shared Scenario and Demand

    The scenario's investment ranking, approval status, and priority values are published to the shared scenario and the definitions of the demand entities within the published scenario. In addition, the system supports making the published data available to all users who can access the relevant demand entities even if those users do not have access to investment and capacity planning.

  1. For each screen you want to support users viewing information about a scenario's published investment rankings, configure column sets as needed to include one or more of the columns described in the table that follows this procedure. 

You can add the columns to column sets relevant to the Investment and Capacity Planning screen, Outcome Portfolio View screen, Resource Management and Assignments screenStrategy Portfolio View screen, or Work Portfolio View screen. The investment ranking details a user will be able to view after selecting one of the column sets you configure depend on which investment ranking columns you add to that column set.

About the Published Investment Ranking Columns

Column Description
Published By Name of the user who last published the scenario.
Published From Planning portfolio from which the investment ranking was last published.
Published On Date on which the scenario was last published.
Published Rank

Ranking value the investment had at the time the scenario was last published.

In addition to letting you view the existing ranking of investments, this column can help you rank investments of a scenario you are adding so those investments are ranked in the exact same order as they are ranked in another scenario. 

Before you publish a scenario, this column can help you understand how the ranking in that scenario differs from the investment ranking that was last published.

A cell in this column is blank for any of the scenario's investments that did not have a ranking value at the time that scenario was last published.