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Removing an Investment's Ranking

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This article applies to Planview Enterprise 11.5 and greater. 
Required Features Use Investment & Cap. Planning
Required Global Options Use Investment and Capacity Planning, which is a Strategic Management option

To remove an investment's ranking within a scenario:

  1. Navigate to the Investment and Capacity Planning screen.

  2. If the ribbon appears on the screen, click the Planning Manager tile. If the ribbon does not include the tile, add it.

    Note: The Investment and Capacity Planning screen supports tiles and the ribbon only in Planview Enterprise 14.

  1. Click the Scenario list on the context bar, and then click the appropriate scenario.

  2. On the Pivot list, click Rank.

  3. Take one of the following actions:

    • For those investments you no longer want to be ranked, select the relevant rows in the Rank view's lower section and then drag them to the upper section. Note: If a filter is applied, you must clear the filter before you can drag an investment to remove its ranking.

    • Next to the appropriate investment, click and then click Unrank Investment. The investment is moved from the lower section of the view to its upper section.

    • In the Rank column, double-click the relevant cell and then delete the value in that cell. The investment is moved from the lower section of the view to its upper section.


Removing an investment's ranking also removes the investment's numerical value from the Rank column.

After an investment is moved to the Rank view's upper section, any ranked investments in the lower section are renumbered to reflect the new ranking order. In addition, threshold lines are reapplied and displayed at the appropriate location. The system also recalculates investment and capacity alerts for the scenario