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Configuring the Enterprise and Fiscal Calendar in Financial Management

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 This article applies to Planview Enterprise 11.5 and greater.

Required Features

One of the following: Administer Financial Planning or Architect EPM

The enterprise and fiscal calendar is used in Financial Management and investment and capacity planning.

To configure the enterprise and fiscal calendar:

  1. On the menu bar, click Administration > System Configuration > Financial Management.

  2. Click Enterprise and Fiscal Calendar.

    The years displayed on the screen that appears represent all of the years for which you might want to capture financial data.


    As time passes, you might want to add years. To do so, click Add Year at the bottom of the screen.

  3. Perform the following operations as needed:
    • Display rows relevant to the quarters within a year or the months within a quarter by clicking the plus sign next to that year or quarter (respectively).
    • Change the FTE basis hours by typing the appropriate number of hours in the relevant cell of the FTE Basis Hours column and then clicking another cell. FTE basis hours are used in financial planning to automatically calculate FTEs if effort is entered and vice-versa.
    • Reset an FTE Basis Hours entry back to its original default value by clicking the relevant row, and then clicking Reset FTE Basis Hours for Selected Period. FTE basis hours default to the hours in the standard calendar. If the periods do not exist in the standard calendar, the default is 176 FTE basis hours per month.
    • Modify data of a cell that has a white background while that cell's row is not selected. To make such changes, click a row other than the one that includes the cell you want to make your change. Then click the cell and edit the cell's data.