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Establish APM Governance Structure


An Application Portfolio Management governing body is responsible for using the APM information and making decisions driving the application portfolio in a direction that best meets the needs of the enterprise. 

The Role of the APM Governing Body

Information is useless until it is rendered actionable, even if that action is a conscious decision is to do nothing. The governance model for Application Portfolio Management is a blueprint for creating the group that will be deciding the future direction of the application portfolio. To that end, the individuals participating in this group should have the necessary background and authority to fulfill this requirement.

In practical terms, this group will use the quantifiable criteria set forth in the APM Model to review the application portfolio on a periodic basis.  Additionally, reviews against current application standards and approval of changes to those standards will be accomplished. Based on the output of this analysis, changes to the portfolio or standards will be initiated to bring the current portfolio into greater alignment with each area (Business fit and Standards fit).

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