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Retiring Assets and Services

Planview Enterprise 15 will be the last version that supports using service portfolio management to manage services and assets.

If you are interested in addressing use cases in these areas, contact your Planview representative regarding using outcome portfolio management.


Asset retirement (and retirement of associated services) is an important strategy for reducing cost, lowering risk, and eliminating redundancies. 

When reviewing an asset portfolio, quadrant charts and other analysis tools can make it apparent that some assets are of low value and/or in poor condition. Likewise, vendors can go out of business or cease supporting some assets. These assets, whether software applications, hardware, manufacturing equipment, or other technology, should be considered candidates for retirement. If the asset is hardware, then it’s important to understand which applications and services will be impacted. If the asset is a software application, then it’s important to understand which services will be impacted, and which hardware can be retired with the software. For instance, if one is retiring a Fixed Assets system, and that system is the only application on a particular piece of hardware, then that hardware can either be repurposed or retired, depending on its condition.

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