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Collecting Asset Data

Planview Enterprise 15 will be the last version that supports using service portfolio management to manage assets.

If you are interested in addressing use cases in this area, contact your Planview representative regarding using outcome portfolio management.


This best practice offers tips for gaining the greatest benefits as early as possible in the overall asset information collection effort, while minimizing effort and complexity. 

Methods for Collecting New Data

Generally, the process of gathering information about assets will follow one of two approaches, either for the organization as a whole, or by business unit or department.

Top-Down, Phased Approach

The “top-down” approach to data collection typically surveys for the major high-impact assets first. This invokes the 80/20 concept by gaining the majority of potential information (and value) with a minimum amount of effort. Over time, smaller assets can be identified as necessary, and can be added to the asset portfolio if they are deemed worth tracking.

To read the full best practice beyond this abstract, you must be a PRISMS subscriber. See your Planview administrator for details.​