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Defining the Asset Hierarchy

Planview Enterprise 15 will be the last version that supports using service portfolio management to manage assets.

If you are interested in addressing use cases in this area, contact your Planview representative regarding using outcome portfolio management.


The asset hierarchy is a way to categorize and group assets that drive major business functions managed at a portfolio level. It is the underlying structure that supports asset portfolio management. 

The goal of the asset hierarchy is to establish a structure for grouping assets that are applicable to application and service portfolio management. This defines and categorizes the asset elements and the relationships between them. A typical hierarchical definition might be:

Level 1 Assets:

Level 2      Class:

Level 3        Sub-Class:

Level 4            Sub2-Class:

To read the full best practice beyond this abstract, you must be a PRISMS subscriber. See your Planview administrator for details.​