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Managing Service and Asset Portfolios

Planview Enterprise 15 will be the last version that supports using service portfolio management to manage services and assets.

If you are interested in addressing use cases in these areas, contact your Planview representative regarding using outcome portfolio management.


Service and asset portfolio management is a powerful, but often overlooked method of gaining visibility, alignment, and control over an organization’s internal services, software applications, and other assets. 

Services and Assets

In order for a business to operate, employees follow business processes, which are supported by information (i.e. reports, dashboards and other output that enables business decisions). To provide this information, and to facilitate effective business processes, Information Technology departments provide:

  • Business Services (i.e. ongoing services and support that keeps the underlying technology running); and
  • Applications (software application that businesses use to execute their processes)

Applications can be considered soft assets to an organization. While not a physical product, it still is a tangible producer of value, and typically has an annual budget and assigned resources to support it.  Behind all this is the underlying IT infrastructure. The hardware components of the infrastructure are considered hard assets. Again, there is a budget for this, and there are associated services and costs to maintain it.

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