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Analytics and Reporting Power BI Column Set Push v14

Analytics & Reporting - Power BI


Understanding the Power BI Column Set Push

  • First introduced in Planview Enterprise 12, the Power BI Column Set Push allows Planview Enterprise users to extract data displayed in a column set in a Planview Enterprise portfolio and to use the Power service to analyze the data through Power BI dashboards and reports
  • By utilizing Planview Enterprise columns and column sets, this option allows customers to view their specific configured data model, including alternate structures and fields, sub-total and calculated columns (for which time phased data is extracted) and other standard measure based columns such as the effort columns available in Work Portfolio View (for which the data is not time phased)
  • The data pushed to Power BI is not dynamically refreshed when it changes in Planview Enterprise. Users must manually refresh the data from the same portfolio/column set combination in order to see updates in Power BI.

How to Use Column Set Push

  • The process for connecting to the content pack is detailed in the Exporting to Microsoft Power BI topic.
  • The Power BI service is available at;
  • You must log on first to the Power BI service with your Office 365/corporate credentials
  • After the export is complete, you can use the new dataset to create reports in Power BI; the new dataset is listed in your Power BI account with an asterisk (*) to indicate it is new
  • When a column set push is refreshed, any changes that have occured to the content of the column set (for example addition or removal of columns) will result in failure of any existing dashboards and reports in Power BI. It is therefore recommended that a specific column set is always utilized for the export and that this column set is created by the Planview Administrator.