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Power BI

▲ Analytics and Reporting in Planview Enterprise

Catalog Image.png Power BI is a business intelligence data visualization tool from Microsoft, which can be used to explore specific types of Planview Enterprise data.  It allows non-technical end users in your organization to create analytics and dashboards by themselves, without the need for technical report development skills or a technical understanding of the data structure. They can create interactive dashboards with deep dive functionality in minutes. The main advantage of this software is it's simplicity of use, while still being mature enough that can be used in enterprise systems by report developers for complex data modeling scenarios.  

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Deploying and Using Power BI

Browse the topics below to understand the steps required to get Power BI content in front of your Planview Enterprise End Users

It is recommended that customers engage with the Global Reporting Services (GRS) team in Planview Consulting to assist in deploying and operationalizing your use of Power BI

Understanding Power BI Icon.png Understanding Power BI Icon.png Understanding Power BI Icon.png Understanding Power BI Icon.png
Find out more about the options for using Power BI: Power BI Desktop, the internet service and the Power BI Mobile App, and the Microsoft licensing rules ( for more information) Power BI can be used with different Planview Enterprise data sources. Understand the target use cases, value and pros and cons of the different data source options and the deployment process for each of them ( for more information) Once the data source is determined and procured, Power BI is used to visualize the data and create interactive dashboard based reports ( for more information) Once the Power BI reporting dashboard content has been created it can be distributed to stakeholders in your organization. These can be Planview Enterprise users and other stakeholders that do not log on to Planview Enterprise ( for more information)



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QuickStart - Power BI: collected links and information to get you started using Microsoft Power BI with Planview Enterprise.