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Microsoft Outlook Add-In for Planview Enterprise


The Microsoft Outlook Add-In provides end users with the ability to access Planview Enterprise report tile (RPM Analytics and custom SSRS reports) directly from Microsoft Outlook, using the Analytics Side Bar.


User Experience  
  • Following installation of the Microsoft Outlook Add-In, users will see, user the Add-Ins menu in Outlook, the PVE Analytics Add In
  • The Add-In is configured to connect to the customer server, for example: 
    https: //
  • The user must authenticate onto their Planview Enterprise Server and the Analytics Side Bar will then display in Outlook
  • The Analytics Side Bar match the users Planview Enterprise Menu options and will list all Report Tiles (for RPM Analytics and for custom SSRS Reports) that the user has set in their Planview Enterprise ribbon for each menu
  • Clicking on a Report Tile name in the Analytics Side Bar will open a new pop-up window and the report will execute and display
  • If the report includes user parameters then these will need to be set before the report executes
  • If the report is portfolio based, then a portfolio selection parameter is displayed where the user can switch between portfolios and re-execute the report