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Analytics and Reporting in Planview Enterprise

Analytics & Reporting Options 

Analytics and reports in Planview Enterprise provide insight into your portfolio data to drive decision making.
The different components are targeted at different types of Planview Enterprise user and different reporting and data analysis use cases.

Portfolio View provides in-application tabular grids, with the flexibility of predefined and user defined column sets, that are used to access and view data and make updates Customer created dashboards, that support interactive visualization and analysis. Power BI is ideal for users who want to click and drill and explore their data to answer questions and drive to the cause of variances
The RPM Analytics are predefined reports used by all our customers, delivering their "day one" reporting needs; Fixed format outputs configurable to match the customer Planview Enterprise data model and use case Modeled analysis of Planview Enterprise data that is processed into cubes and models
Ad-Hoc Analysis Excel Add-In, or Power BI, is used as the analysis and visualization tool
Create simple visualizations on data in Planview portfolios using the Analyze Chart function, Configurable Table Tiles and the Predefined Tiles The capability that allows the development of customer specific fixed format formats. Custom Reports with Reporting Services is used when exact layout and look and feel are important

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Which Analytics and Reporting tools are best suited for my role and use cases? Where does the data come from and how is it procured and visualized?

Planview Enterprise provides a number of different Data Sources and Reporting Tools 
Consumers of Planview Enterprise outputs, reports and analytics have different requirements relating to how they will access, consume and interact with data and information from Planview Enterprise The Report Subscription capability allows a report (RPM Analytics or Custom Report) to be executed automatically based on a specific set of parameters and the resulting report can be emailed as attached export
Following the installation of the Outlook Add-In, users can access Report Tiles, including RPM Analytics and Custom Reports from within Outlook, connecting to their Planview Enterprise server to execute and view the reports


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