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Analytics in Daptiv: Advanced Topics

Analytics is a Cognos-based reporting engine and design tool that is integrated within Daptiv. This is an advanced level course into the use of the Analytics authoring tool.


Analytics (Daptiv): Advanced Topics training is a hands-on class that covers advanced reporting features. Topics include: complex reports using complex query structures, conditional formatting, custom Gantt Charts, repeaters, resource management reports, and advanced functions.

This self-guided, on-demand, web-based training consists of approximately 2 hours of instructional videos, accompanied by clearly written instructions for exercises.


Recommended for:

  • Business Analysts who are already familiar with the Analytics report writing tool.
  • Report Writers who regularly build reports using Analytics.
  • Prerequisite: attendees MUST already have attended the Analytics introductory class or have equivalent experience.



Accessing the training environment:

You will be provided with a temporary login to our training environment and will have access to it for up to 2 months after the class ends. You will receive a separate email prior to training with login information to the training environment.


Each training session consist of the following training methods:

  1. Instructor-led Demonstrations: attendees observe while instructor demonstrates a new concept.
  2. Exercises: during the class we will pause while attendees follow instructions in the manual and build a report on their computer in the training environment. We then discuss the exercise and continue on.

Course Agenda:

Section 1:


Project Status / Portfolio Deck Report [~ 1 hour]


Business Problem:

Different audiences, such as Executives, Project Stakeholders, and the Project Team require different views into project status and performance. Status reports need to give a very quick and easy to read snapshot of project performance, highlighting key project data and metrics without losing the reviewing in a sea of detail.


  • Using a repeater table to contain other project, resource and application-based objects
    • Master query behavior
      • Filters
      • Prompts
    • Keeping separate queries that support objects displayed on the screen
    • Master detail relationships vs. joins vs. unions
    • Conditional Appearance of Blocks / Objects
  • Creating Multiple Page Reports
    • Possible Outputs
      • PDF
      • Native Excel Tabs

Section 2:


Resource Management [~1 hour]

Business Problem:

Visibility into resource utilization over time for:

  1. Slotting projects to fit capacity
  2. Seeing upcoming resource overload situations
  3. Surfacing discrepancies between allocations, planned, and actual work
  4. Analyzing past time logs for trends and feedback to planning


  • Explore the sources of data
    • Date Groups
    • Requirements
      • Req Resource Type vs Allocation Resource Type
      • WorkspaceID
    • Allocations
    • Capacity
    • Scheduled Hours
    • Actual Hours
  • Separated Queries to Re-join
    • Why and How is this done?
  • Displaying the data in a cross-tab format
    • Mechanics of changing data source, formats and highlights
    • Aggregation settings with numeric fields?
      • What is automatic?
      • What should I use when numbers are wrong
      • Aggregate vs Roll-up Aggregate settings
    • Applying totals
      • Automatically generated total fields
      • Manually created total fields
        • Syntax
        • Why are these used?
        • How are these used?

Section 3:


Custom Gantt Charts [~1 hour]


Business Problem:

Visualizing the chronological layout of portfolios, programs, and/or projects in order to assess project overlaps, impacts based on timing, and high-level schedule progress.


Using Crosstabs to display hidden / background-driven information (images) Getting data to support conditional formatting / rendering



Duration: Approximately 2 hours of instruction video + your own working time

Delivery Type: on-demand @

Price: $300 / person

Registration: To inquire about eligibility for this training, please contact your Customer Care Team: